It is two years since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold that brought the Last War to an end. But the truce is an uneasy one and there are those who would use this time of peace to rebuild their power, gathering ancient arcane weaponary so as to strike if the need arises.

Once such group are gathering the final pieces of a device so powerful that it could spell the end to an entire nation and they do not intend to wait for hostilities to resume.

One of the Draconic Prophecies  speaks of a group of heroes from the unmarked races who alone can stand between a foul foe and a nation's certain doom.

But, now those heroes are dead. Or, so it seems…



LADY LIZAAR- Eladrin Paladin of the Silver Flame

CHI-IDI- Half Elf Warlock Fey Pact

PANERAI Deva Invoker of the Silver Flame

SHEZZERUS- Dragonborn Chaos Sorcerer

FROST- Dragonborn Warlord

67- Warforged Barbarian

PIKE- Elf Avenger

The Crush Of Shadows

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