The Crush Of Shadows


Captain Shento, captain of Red Drake (Dead)


The Favour
Race to Dreadhold!

Frost's eyes slowly opened. As his surroundings came into focus, he became aware of the large band of metal covering his mouth and the chains that bound him to the side of a large cage.

He looked about. He appeared to be inside some kind of storeroom. Crates and barrels were scattered neaby. The only light came from a pair of everburning lanterns hanging from the ceiling. As he watched them rock from side-to-side, a memory came to him. He was on a boat. He'd boarded with his comrades to try and capture someone, or something but they had been overpowered.

But, what of his friends? He looked about but could see no other occupants . Was he the only one left alive and why?

Frost's thoughts were interupted by a door opening in the otherside of the hold. A figure stood silhouetted in the door frame. Frost struggled to make out who he, or she, was but it was near impossible.

" Not long now, dragonborn. We just have to pick up one more passenger then you can meet your fate." The figure let out a quick, cruel laugh. " I hope you can handle yourself. I hear the average  life expectancy in Graywall's arenas is pretty short…"




The Traitor
A Group Divided!

" You are discovered, Baern. That damn kenku will tell them everything!" The human slammed a gloved fist upon the table.

The dwarf ran his hand along the metal spine of his nearest pet. "Don't worry, my pretty.. Frell is just a little worried. He means your master no harm." Baern looked up at the paladin, his eyes staring straight at him. " Calm yourself, Frell. Your old comrades do not have the resources that we have. Dealing with the kenku will be easy…and if your friends get in the way… Well…"

Baern mouth twisted into a smile, the burnt skin around his lips puckering. " I'm sure the 'help' our ally has sent us is more than capable of handling them."

In the darkness of the corner of the room, a large human figure clenched his fists around the haft of a stone greataxe and curled his lips in a snarl. " If they face me, they will die…!"

Death In The Jungle
..and so it begins...

" Well, that was easier than I expected!", exclaimed Frost, patting his large warforged companion on the back.

If 67 impassive face broke into a smile, Frost couldn't see it in the flickering torchlight. " The spectral guardian of this tomb was a mild threat," rumbled the hefty warforged." But it was no match Pike and Panerai's divine powers ."

"The Flame protects, my friend," replied the deva invoker, his head bowing slowly in prayer.

Just then, the elf, Pike, came to a halt in front of his comrades. Holding up a hand, he stopped, his acute senses reaching out into the darkness and beyond.

"What is it, Pike?", enquired Frost. The  dragonborn had learnt from past  experience to trust the avenger's uncanny perception. It had saved their lives many times during the Last War.

"I'm not sure… I think I heard something behind us… A grinding.. A rumbling…"

Suddenly,Pike's eyes widened in horror. "By the Flame ….! RUN!"


The heroes have recovered an artifact known to them only as 'The Eye' but as they are escorting their employers, two scholars from Sharn's Morgrave University, a trap is triggered: a gigantic stone ball that threatens to crush them!

As they rush to escape, they find a large pit has opened before them and, despite their best efforts, all bar their leader, the paladin of the Silver Flame, Sir Frell Azarn, fall into the pit. However, with excellent teamwork, the party manage to clamber out, just as the ball crashes down then is sucked away into a large tube at the side of the pit, obviously resetting.

But their troubles are far from over… The exit corridor is blocked by a false wall covered with spears that moves towards them. Although the warforged, 67, and dragonborn, FROST, destroy the spears, their combined strength do little to slow its advance. If the wall pushes them back into the pit, they risk not only injury, but the return of the stone ball as it crushes their bones…

Luckily, the perceptive elven avenger, PIKE, discovers the deactivation mechanism and the wall returns to it original hiding place.

After a short rest at the foot of the exit, the party ascend into the cave where they originally entered. But the local lizardfolk are awaiting them. Two poisoned darts whizz from nearby trees, narrowly missing the party.

Whilst Frell protects the scholars, the rest of the party rush forth to meet their attackers. The combat is swift and brutal and, within moments, two greenscale darters lie dead at the foot of a tree.

" We must set the beacon! Then the airship can pick us up!", calls Frell.

As the beacon is trigged in a nearby clearing, PIKE's accute senses detect movement from the nearby jungle…and lots of it!

The party only just manage to climb the boarding ladder of the airship as a vast lizardfolk war party come crashing through the jungle. 67 wants to stay and fight but FRELL orders him to board.

Everyone else on board, Frell begins his climb but a volley of darts pepper his body and the party can only watch in horror as their  comrade falls from the ladder, plummeting into the river below.

The airship speeds the group away. Pike looks down on the jungle below which is a carpet of angry lizardfolk but at their rear, with the tribal elders, he spots three cowled humanoid figures…

Back at the DRAGON's TOOTH inn in NEWTHRONE, one of the scholars is shocked to discover the artifact they have just recovered has been switched.. But, how? When?

After investigation, the group discover another party had been exploring the same area of jungle. The innkeeper, a red dragonborn called GESH, tells them that they hired a local guide, a kenku by the name of KROLL, who just happened to be a regular…

The players decide to wait for KROLL's arrival.



From out of the Frying Pan..
...and into a bigger fire!
<font style=”background-color: #00ff00”>WATCH THIS SPACE….!</font>

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