The Crush Of Shadows

The Traitor

A Group Divided!

" You are discovered, Baern. That damn kenku will tell them everything!" The human slammed a gloved fist upon the table.

The dwarf ran his hand along the metal spine of his nearest pet. "Don't worry, my pretty.. Frell is just a little worried. He means your master no harm." Baern looked up at the paladin, his eyes staring straight at him. " Calm yourself, Frell. Your old comrades do not have the resources that we have. Dealing with the kenku will be easy…and if your friends get in the way… Well…"

Baern mouth twisted into a smile, the burnt skin around his lips puckering. " I'm sure the 'help' our ally has sent us is more than capable of handling them."

In the darkness of the corner of the room, a large human figure clenched his fists around the haft of a stone greataxe and curled his lips in a snarl. " If they face me, they will die…!"



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